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Pleurisy is frequently associated with the accumulation of extra fluid in the space between the two layers of pleura. This fluid is referred to as a pleural effusion. Pleurisy is also referred to as pleuritis. Metatron Hospital Scanning

How To Treat Diabetes, Medical Device Manufacturer and Medicomat Relief Methods. Notice: This program is exclusively designed to carry out psychophysical investigation. The apparatus operating in combination with the program does not belong to the class of medical devices and therefore is not subject to registration by the committee for certification and licensing of medical practices. Medicomat quantum systems have not been tested and approved by the FDA for sale in the USA. test

Fully Automatic Apparatus Home Medicomat acupuncture treatment. It is known that all the internal organs and body parts have their own acupuncture points on the ear lobe. Using special electrodes placed over the ear shells Medicomat fully automatically finds all the diseased organs and automatically selects the necessary acupuncture points through which the treatment is done. When using Medicomat a tingling sensation is felt and heard the quiet music. Scanning

The mental state of the patient is of great importance for the success of quantum therapy but also for the success of quantum diagnostics. Every thought and emotion are electromagnetic waves of appropriate characteristics. Most thoughts and emotions are irrelevant to the success of quantum diagnostics. Metatron Scanning

Quantum Bioresonance Seborrheic Dermatitis, Medical Device Manufacturer and Medicomat I. test WARNING : The original "Medicomat®" devices are only sold under remark "Ships from and sold by Medicomat". Another Sellers is Hijacking our Brand Listings and Medicomat not responsible for their false representation and delivery of fake products.

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